Sam Wolk is a sound and visual artist currently based out of Cambridge, MA. He is particularly interested in exploring crossovers between analog and digital media in the realm of generative systems. In the audio domain, he primarily works with modular synthesizers, the Max/MSP dataflow programming language, and 4-track tape recording in producing compositions, electroacoustic improvisations, and sound installations. In the visual domain, he is focused on non-fiction filmmaking and abstract 16mm animation. He has presented sonic, visual, or installation works at many locations including the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (MA), dA Center for the Arts Pomona (CA), Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (CA), John Knowles Paine Concert Hall (MA), and the Loeb Experimental Theatre (MA).

He is a student in the Visual and Environmental Studies Program (VES) at Harvard College as well as a student in the Harvard University Studio for Electro-acoustic Composition (HUSEAC). He currently works as studio and research assistant for filmmakers/artists Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, and additionally as a Radcliffe Reserach Partner for filmmaker/sound artist Luke Fowler. He previously worked as live electronics engineer for composer Dániel Péter Biró. He also currently does freelance Max/MSP development for various sound and installation pieces. He is an audio engineer and DJ at WHRB 95.3FM.

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