Interview with Eric Frye and Roy Werner, by Sam Wolk


The following is a series of pieces which used YouTube's automatic closed-captioning system to fuse abstract electronic sounds produced by modular synthesizers with human voices reading aloud technical text about the same processes producing those sounds and render this hybridization as text.

The one to bug loves to take a lawn be tickled by the system where it resides
Here’s a patch in which the one to bug is deeply embedded in my dreams at the
Shared system
That’s inspired by the dream machine message from Howard strangers classic
The electronic music both systems techniques controls
Sequencer boomer day and snake
Moan being like my mans
How good for the body makes first because will be mixing
Some other CVD in with him in a moment
Victim idea makes some outward to the one vote per Ogden but not been upto
Will also clocked the Walmart using this mass game boom giving us random
Boom I’m using the water bugs Mike no bookmark the act of %uh
Look like albert is independent from the clock in but %uh
So even if the echo time changes the time between random values
Almost insane %uh
Boots is the steps random to modulate the ball parameter
The move
The envelope ships are modulated
0 the
The new
The picture to put me see okay melanoma
Getting to know his name
Mimosa going to let the smooth randoms do some amplitude modulation in the series
With the envelope
0 room
We get independent animation juxtaposed
With the left arm
Modulate the pit randomly
Taking the wobble CV and putting it in the other channel love the body makes
And bringing it in slowly
And me
The man
We have a well randomized patch here but I might come alive
Back into the water but
Put it in the influence Jaxon
Wobble me
To add to the interconnectedness of the system
I’ll turn a profit to alter the speed at the Alamo
With the picture the other we see no Septuagint be
Controlled by the wall go out put which is being influenced by the No
We have a sort of circular modulation going on here
Right now let’s add some danger 11 go back out but we have a Newsday and
Delivers no no no no
Going to use it too much later capital on the ACA phone so we get first pitch
Shifting in the rut
A really dangerous though we can walk on the edge a little more by stopping the
Cycle that runs see once
(and depending on the burst output to engage in as long as the other phone is)
Running into influence it probably won’t stop forever
But we will get periods have less activity giving some breath to the
System we have created
The internal clock rate
Following out water trolls give us a lot
Have control over me general contours sequences created
Good thick
The tune voltages from pressure points give us the option
Varying the wobbles
Modulation by hank by
Just bus movie CEO makes a nice FM source
Them the ring my doubt provides junction between the feedback visit on the
Pending none
Ok closed
And one but
Group but the button
Maneuvering owned the world
Hmmm 10
On them
I don’t
None the went up
Back you
The by the
By pop

Another way to open her yeah love
Strike at Boeing
Then a patch from the mast channel one in your eyes good out for
The Optimus is channeled to strike
To make noise mister ron is a dual
Is expected trigger a cave are also normal together
Show when using only one striking go to be struck Sam
Using the normalization between the two x8 institute an Israeli strike from both
Simultaneously which means I’ll track church together
On the pitch now be set for counterclockwise astronomers
K to impose must be said to great than first-century
Physical modeling fascist life
Mutation deputes 0 the wild hearted good
And quantize murder mister I’m

Fun why switched West West West West West wash swore she fight as
Aldrich wash some like bill source to realize recall
Extra extra extra extra extra extra what’s
All what’s all what’s
All Whites how what’s
All what’s how what’s
All rights all what’s
All what’s all what’s here
All scale from
Affected on swatched rest rest rest rest rest rest rest rest rest rest rest from
At once rest rest rest rest rest rest rest rest
Fun speech
On washed strum washed trial
Wash told on
More as I said mint in your murder I can use my bilbao
Now but on
Wash home what be watched time
Watched strom watched what
Telephoto functions
On Washington
What that I liked it and read my maths
Ag’s 2003 strips
What a lot of people that can be used on is how to use the someone in the or
Or some and or on
Are just a combination on a ball the channels
We’re going to use the Sunburst which is literally wanted by just said before
Buttressed spend this faced
Stretched in one thing to note about something
Did you login Suman
Actually both the some and the organ
Wires on
Mar watch
Trust what what what what Bob removing the signal
Be white wash wash wash wash wash wash wash wash wash wash
While did be
Don’t only difference between jails one-dimensional
More on is the bad on
His head enterprise mourning dove sei con
On so one so perhaps this inhuman
It starts fallen
Bez based lube generator on
On on
On mmm
Mmm on
I hope this video was explain some other basic functions and the Mets
Wall the Walkman Walkman Walkman the
More more more more
Maw whalk while law
My my
Make a mouse on mars wheeler

Patch the stutterer we’ve got pulses
Going into the next NY clock agency
Then they’re jumping around
Now we’re going to use
On around realmente more
Notice that I’m taking the mall says Alan
Vs and the y and trolling
The big boys and Guatemalan
The lone hand game
More and gate
With do the polls is created by the
GEX and why changes every time you see it
Jane between X you know why I’m had earned did sent out
The appropriate output denied using the quantized for the job done on my muslim
You know driving a white male voters William
No one’s done
Particular no 1
Would be gig
This week thru was another borders we do
The whiteboard in little bit be
Gelder written and created by game
Would be
And other margins as parched
This has been a must but I’m general barrel see you next time

This will work with the system to shared system
CCC in any system containing a math DP 0
Compact a sine wave
With the great frequency dogs are you
Noted the FM bias when is turned all the way down this keeps our side with the pure
Instead of being modulated by the other side
The relay sequencers spatially designed a center national musical note values in
De beers one vote per active in putting designed to accept these values
Was parched the QC v2 the one bopper active input day
Each touch played corresponds to an ob-gyn each knob
Corresponds to the know
Rising in simi turns
In allred
note Associated
the miso
values are relative assume that the ass later as to do is see before QCB is
red you can hear the frequency now that sell ship small the values and the noun
In that cycle gate for maths to the white cock in play
Bit sequences vertically where the ex cock in Britain horizontally
But however with ex go again but we can also engage snake murdered
On the X finer y Fan Page be
You know he’s a single clock in but the step there are 60 locations
The ball ball ball down a couple touched by it and press program to an alleged
Be one thing we have accomplished yet is getting this series of town to sound
Like individual nodes at beginning and
The beginning that is in the Optimax
The ass later withdrawn
Be that we need to have a turn up and out consistently with each new No
Bed and let’s take the Unity outright
At the same as Jen overusing for our clock impacted to the control input
What it’s like a link
Sequence into an eight yr 12c
Step sequence on the fly the gonna be expiring page in enables
Boom them stay tuned for more make noise
System tutorials be them

Drum machine using the mistrial in the
Instead of building the whole patch from scratch I’m going to show how to charm
And had some ocean and rhythm to patch
There’s a linker detailed diagrams
Clocks the renee and a lot of fun governors and Snake Moan in patterns can
Be stepped through by pressing on the pressure points
Up pap
Px kate is exciting than mister on
The white gate is triggering the function
Kick drum 50 p.m.
A mistrial is being controlled by both the renee
Purse the local birds bring my PCOS
input its relatively 9 periodic
It career QC be a stupid bitch
Sorry sixteenths
Per shop
The rain is and quantize CBS right moderates generation
This is 40 per changing the link to the excitement switches
Very important person to treatment welp
The log a bug stepped random see any pics mutation type so that each new
Excitement at the mistrial as a random character
Pass for clockwise circle mutation waveforms are doing all the exciting
One more and musicians to walk about
Random its out to the wild card in prison creating alternate universe at
Random times
When I’d also like to add independent examiner the other way
Pat’s cokie a good time at the same master class 10 years it’s goodbye
Not apply blacked out way
Way I can control is gesture largest CV the echo time with the water pump
Note that even without take the St. 0 into account we saw before I knew this
And poisonous case not to mention Ako it shipping in Rieber
Hazardous drum machine could just be the foundation of a much more complex patch